FFG April releases

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a list of some of their releases for April 2010.

  • CT34 Call of Cthulhu LCG: Wispers in the Dark
  • DE14 Descent Mini: Soriss
  • DE15 Descent Mini: Darkwind
  • DSH61 Dragon Shields: Mana Mix 2
  • GOT54 Wildling Horde
  • RT03 Lure of the Expanse
  • WHC07 Arcane Fire
  • WHF05 WHFRP GM Kit
  • WW14 Hit and Run Blister Packs
  • WW15 Crossfire Blister Packs
  • WW19a Balloon Busters
  • WW19b Balloon Busters
  • WW21 Last Biplanes
  • WW22 Revolution in the Sky