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FFG announce Operation: Hinansho expansion for Tannhauser

Operation: HinanshoFantasy Flight Games have posted details of the Operation: Hinansho expansion for Tannhäuser. From their website:
A new campaign expansion, Operation: Hinansho transports players to the Far East where the great powers seek answers to the mysteries of the unexplained crash of a Union plane and the sudden abandonment of a Japanese research facility on the island of Hokkaido. While the great powers react to the Shogunate’s entry to the war, Operation: Hinansho exposes the growing enmity between the Shogunate and Matriarchy. It also outlines new rules for allied forces. The Nippon Accord forged between Shogunate and Reich forces allows players to field a team composed from both powers, and the UMTOMA treaty, signed in response, lets players combine forces from the Union and Matriarchy. New scenarios give you many exciting ways to pit these allied forces against each other, including optional rules for fielding larger teams on multiple maps.