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FFG announce expansion for Civilization: The Board Game

Fantasy Flight Games have posted details of the Fame and Fortune expansion for Civilization: The Board Game. From their website:
Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Fame and Fortune, an expansion for Kevin Wilson’s acclaimed board game of century-spanning empire building. With exciting new game options, new map tiles, and components for a fifth player, Fame and Fortune will deliver your civilization to remarkable new heights. This comprehensive addition to one of last year’s most popular board games brings a host of enhancements. Great person cards provide the powerful assistance of Marco Polo, Hannibal, and scores of other great historical figures, while investment cards allow you to spend your hard-earned coin to reap lasting benefits. Discover ancient relics, expand your capital city into a metropolis, and bolster your cities with temporary fortifications or trade caravans to edge out your rivals. Are you prepared to guide your people to greatness?