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Ferrus Manus and Iron Hands Legion squad available to pre-order from Forge World

Forge World is taking down names of those of you gamers that would like to get their upcoming Iron Hands Legion MkIII squad as well as Primarch Ferrus Manus.


From the announcement:

Ferrus Manus, designed by Simon Egan, is an amazingly detailed multi-part resin model armed with Forgebreaker and equipped with the Medusan Carapace. The latest edition to our Horus Heresy Character Series, Ferrus stands atop a scenic base depicting the carnage on Isstvan V. Available to pre-order now, this model will be despatched from Friday 8th November.

Designed by Israel Gonzalez, the Iron Hands Legion Mk III Squad is a five-man multi-part kit fitted out in Mk III Iron Armour that features many details such as cybernetic limbs, a nuncio-vox and an auspex. This kit is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Friday 8th November. If you would like to further customise your Iron Hands force, there is also a Chapter Upgrade bundle available as well as an Iron Hands Legion section on our website.