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Fenris Games tiles available for pre-order

Fenris Games is now taking pre-orders for their gaming tiles. Act now and save!

From the announcement:

We're almost done with mastering the starter-set of our long-threatened SF floorplans, designed to match our popular Sulaco base range. 53 pieces of fully-detailed resin weighing in at a hefty 2.5 kilos, enough to cover a whole tabletop in corridors and rooms with which to fight all those boarding actions and bug hunts we all enjoy so much.

All pieces will be available in smaller sets but this starter set offers a substantial discount on the individual prices. For a very limited time while we finish the last couple of rooms and produce all the moulds, the starter set is available at a pre-order price of £100 + postage; a saving of almost 30% on the final price for all the tiles bought separately.

More rooms, junctions, bulkheads, doors and objective markers to follow shortly; walls, stairs and multi-level pieces later in the year.