Fenris Games previews new “2012” base

By TGN Ross
In News
Jan 27th, 2012

Fenris Games posts a new 120mm “2012” base.

From their announcement:

New 120mm diameter “2012” base…..smaller sizes to follow….

  • Nightbee

    Pretty cool. Interested to see how it scales down.

  • supervike

    Really like this. Will fit in wonderfully with my Fenris Investigators.

  • GhedJennar

    This would have made a great base for my Celestial Fulcrum.

  • Tommygun

    Does it list the actual time the world ends? 🙂

    • warpcrafter

      The world doesn’t end, it only gets divided between the old dirty, dangerous world full of the selfish jerks and the new shiny world with a few enlightened people who apparently then get to spend eternity congratulating themselves on how enlightened they are, because they only way to be enlightened is to totally avoid anything that is the slightest bit enjoyable.

      • Soulfinger

        So, do enlightened people get a discount then?

  • Cherno

    Large enough for a small diorama.

  • ninja007

    Don’t forget the part where the sky rains fire and the earth is scoured to bare dust and rock by demons.

    That’s my favorite part!

    But it won’t matter, we haven’t eaten NEARLY enough human hearts to set the whole thing off properly yet.

    • Yet. I’ve got all year to catch up.

      “I’m doing my part? Are you?”

  • Cherno

    Don’T worry guys, I ate enough human hearts for ALL of you 🙂

  • Ghost

    LOL great idea for a base

    Also, that’s the Aztec Calendar Stone which probably isn’t a calendar and definitely doesn’t have anything to do with the Maya Long Count Calendar (which isn’t a stone…)
    ^ Expect to hear this a lot 😉

    BUT to be fair this base is manufactured in 2012 so the name is spot on!

  • Tommygun

    I hear the Aztec Calendar Stone isn’t Aztec either, but belonged to one of the tribes they ate.
    …and speaking of eating, I expect the Zombie Apocalypse that precedes The End to take care of the heart eating.

    I want one just as a floor terrain piece and a few smaller ones to attach to walls.