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Fenris Games Posts Information for Loyalty Program

Fenris Games Posts Information for Loyalty Program:

From their announcement:

Instead of an Xmas Sale this year, we’re trying something different, in the form of a Loyalty Card Reward Scheme – buy a Fenris Loyalty Card now, and get a range of discounts in return. Loyalty Cards will be available to purchase between now and December 31st 2011.

Buy any Card now and you'll get a free master casting of one of next years' 28mm metal releases for each level of card - eg. Silver card (level 2) gets you two master castings. We have lots of new minis due for release next year - including more APEX investigators, nightgaunts, duck adventurers, zebra riders, more goatkin, cultists, newtlings, a beastman slave caravan, and many others.

Every Loyalty Card holder will also have their name put into a prize draw to win a huge prize – 1 of everything new we produce in 2012. This could include bases, scenery, miniatures, laser-cut kits and more. In 2011 we’ve already produced an estimated 60 new products, so the potential value of this prize is well over £250 !

Full details of the scheme are at