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Fenris Games Loyalty Card special Mayan offer

Fenris Games is also expecting the world to end, but just in case it doesn't, they've got a sale on their Loyalty card going to double your points.

Today only, any Loyalty Card purchased in our 2013 reward scheme will be doubled in value for anyone brave enough to bet the future of the planet against massive savings on Fenris stuff next year. So, buy a £50 loyalty card, get £100 in credit for purchases throughout 2013. This scales across the range of cards - so the Platinum card will be worth £400 to any buyers! These limited Mayan cards will also gain their buyer double the number of entries into the end-of-year prize draw.

On top of that, every order placed today for a Mayan Loyalty Card will get a free copy of our 120mm 2012 base, shown below - perfect for all of your apocalyptic basing needs - sent post free, anywhere in the world.

Full details of the Loyalty Card Scheme and relevant costs inside/outside the UK are on our website.