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Female Adventurer free for July at The Ion Age

The Ion Age is showing off the free mini for July.



From the update:

The IMP11 Female Adventurer is July 2014's free miniature placed into all orders automatically at the rate of one per order (though you can purchase more and still get one free) until the end of the month. Perhaps she is a hired gun or a seeker of fortune or even fame in any frame of imagination she is an Adventurer. Designed by Sam Croes she is wearing ridged impact armour and has long hair. At her side is a large calibre machine pistol and a belt with many small boxes rings her waist. This miniature is a fine addition to any 15mm science fiction collection for any game system.

“What else goes on outside of the Prydian Civil War and the warring armies? Well while its not the focus of The Ion Age to look beyond the military we do have a place for speculation and that is in the monthly free miniature. Someone who takes no nonsense and can manage to make a living out of a fast draw and seeing the angle that makes the difference. A Female Adventurer in the grand tradition of space opera. So here she is and boy is she fine. A unique looking miniature in 15mm scale that can be put in almost any scenario. She has no need for one. I am sure all of you will give her an identity that suits her just fine. July is going to be a month of mixed things from Combat Lifters to Khanate to Terrain as well.”

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