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Fell Cooperative Strategic Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Grimejack Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Fell, their new cooperative tactical board game where you must fight against foul beasts of... odd design. Players are businessmen who have decided to hire groups of mercenaries in order to kill the beasts that plague the land. The mercenaries get hired and equipped by you, and when the carcass comes back home, you take it to the king to get the reward money. Pretty simple, as long as you hire good mercenaries and equip them properly.

The monsters, though, are nothing like anyone's ever seen before. Each one is unique, creating using the various monster parts cards. Maybe one has an eagle head, giant fuzzy arms, and spider legs on one side, with one leg on the other. Or maybe it's a bull's head, with a wing on one side and a crab claw on the other, and tentacles for legs on one side and a bird talon on the other. No two are the same, but they're all rather nasty and need to be taken down to help save the countryside.

The components for the game are:

1 x Gameboard
25 x Warrior cards
20 x Activation cards
25 x Veterancy cards
25 x Item cards
5 x Player character cards
19 x Beast cards
75 x Beast action cards
4 x Combat reference cards
5 x Polyhedral dice
60 x Event cards
100+ tokens
1 x Rulebook

The campaign's up now and is set to run for another 24 days.