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Feel the power of The Other Side of Hollywood

Hobby World has added their The Other Side of Hollywood add-on to their Kickstarter campaign. They're also through several more stretch goals, with a few more posted, too.

Hollywood Add-on


From the update:

We have already unlocked a lot of stretch goals and added 14 cards to the base game. We are grateful to all of you for support and great ideas!

Now, as we have promised, we are ready to show you something very different. We proudly present — drum-roll! — The Other Side of Hollywood!

All of us, as movie fans, mostly see the final result of film crew’s hard work when we go to a cinema. You buy a ticket, grab your pop-corn and enjoy a great (or weird!) performance of movie stars. You argue about plot holes and admire visual effects.

However, a big part of movie-making process remains unseen. Why that terrible actor got the main role?!! How on earth a controversial director got signed up by a big studio?! Now comes eternal question: is there still room in Hollywood for genius scenarios that do not fit any mainstream genre?!

The Other Side of Hollywood consists of 21 brand new cards. All of these cards have a special ability: you can pass a card to another player or you can use this card in your own movie.

Why would you want to pass the cards? Because they affect usual movie production rules and impose some limitations! Here is an example. Producer’s Son is not very skilled and he will decrease your box office with his terrible acting. However, he is still an Actor. The decision to keep him or to pass him is yours!

Art House Actress, on the other hand, is quite experienced but you can’t add any green crew cards to her movie. Why? Well, art house movies usually don’t need any special effects or anything that high budget team can offer.

Some “Other Side” cards are just different. You can make a cartoon with Animator – he will replace Actor and Actress by “drawing” them!

If you got an “Other Side” card from another player you have to use it in your movie. You can’t get rid of it by discarding it! All of the “Other Side” cards have a ten-pointed star in the background to be easily recognizable.

The Other Side of Hollywood adds another layer to Hollywood. You’ll need to make a decision if you want to keep a card or to hand it to another player. Remember: there are no plain bad cards here! Each card can still be of good use for your own movie. You just have to feel the power of The Other Side... to make the right judgment!