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Federation Commander releases March Hailing Frequencies

Federation Commander puts up the March issue of their newsletter: Hailing Frequencies.

THE BIG NEWS: this month is the new Nova Edition of Starmada. The new core rulebook will be released in PDF format in March and in hard copy (through stores and our website) in April. The four Star Fleet Starmada books (Klingon Armada, Romulan Armada, Alien Armada, Distant Armada) will be re-released for the Nova Edition over the coming months, but will remain available by mail order in the Admiral Edition. A conversion document, and a combined pack of all 160 of the existing ship cards updated to the Nova Edition, will be released on e23. The new Battleships Armada book will be released in June for both Nova Edition (in stores and on e23) and Admiral Edition (by mail order and on e23).

After consultation with ADB, Inc., Mongoose has reluctantly switched the Starline 2500 over primarily to pewter. A few of the larger ships will be made in resin, but the majority will be available in metal. This move has already increased production and Squadron Boxes should be in your hands; if they are not, then please contact Mongoose directly. Federation Fleet Boxes are currently shipping with Klingon and Romulan boxes to follow on their heels. (These are not allowed to shoot the Federation in the #4 shields!)