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February Releases Available For Dark Age

It might be winter, but that doesn't mean there aren't things that go "bump" in the night you should be concerned about. The February releases for Dark Age are up and they feature a lot of the Dargyri Shadow Caste. But if your response to spiders is "Kill it with fire!" there's the Fire Caste starter set, too. And even then, that's not all there is!

From the release:

February marks a big month for Dark Age, especially for players that are interested in things that go bump, grind, or growl in the night! It starts with the next of the awesome 500-point faction starter boxes – the Dragyri Fire Caste Faction Starter! For a small investment, you get a mighty Trueborn force ready to compete on the tabletop.

Always gathering behind the scenes, the Shadow Caste Dragyri have called in some long awaited reinforcements as well. The swarms of skittering Lesser Spiderlings and the skillful Raaf knife-fighters rush forward to bring foes to their knees, often under the watchful eye and snapping chain whips of the Keepers. The deadly assassins the Naedrae, flash in and out of existence as they tear frightened foes apart. And the enigmatic Strega wield powerful magic as easily as they do their bladed polearms. The Shadow Caste was dangerous before – now it is even more so.

Recently, the C.O.R.E. received an interesting new software upgrade, and now we get the hardware to match. The Spartan Menials have emerged from their foundries, deadly scrap-cannons blazing away as they shamble toward the enemy, followed by their ceaselessly relentless bigger brethren, the Titan Menials. While the new Menials do the grunt work, the fast-moving RaPtr-7 mechanical pack hunters run down prey and shred them with claws and jaws. Beyond all other new mechanoids, the 2015 Immortals Winner figure joins Dark Age as well. This dark angel, the L1ghtbr1nger, is a nightmare machine that leads the other C.O.R.E. robots in new and lethal ways.

It might only be midwinter here, but things are sure heating up for Dark Age!