February Malifaux release preview

Wyrd Miniatures have posted a preview of the Malifaux figures they will be releasing in February.

From their website:

January’s releases ran into more than a few hiccups though with the holidays and weather (when your caster is snowed under and can’t get into the warehouse, that causes some problems) and some mold rework and consequently I’m not going to rush things out at the end of this month. We’re also working closer with distributors so that they have the product well enough in advance so that when we release the product here, its available from retailers at the same time, or days there after.

To that end, January’s releases are actually going to end up February, and this will allow us to get things in a better marching order for releases to distributors, etc. We’ve been trying to do this for a couple of months now and we’ve just about got our leg over that wall and doing this is going to allow us to finally topple over to the other side (where the grass is greener I’m told.).