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February LE Minis Now Available For Guild Ball

Steamforged has started making a habit of releasing special, limited-edition minis for Guild Ball around the various holidays. I, for one, welcome our alternate-sculpt overlords. In this case, it's the Puppy Love set, including a new version of Brisket and Boiler for the Butcher's Guild. There's also an exceedingly adorable new ball token with a little puppy wanting to show they can play a swell as the big dogs.

From the post:

The February we're releasing a Limited Edition version of Boiler, Brisket and Guild Ball (but you could use it as a Puppy Princess if you want).

Boiler has plucked up the courage to present Brisket with a bouquet of roses and has been rewarded with a kiss on the cheek, whilst Princess is experiencing Puppy Love with the Guild Ball.