February Infinity release details

Corvus Belli have sent along details of their February releases for Infinity.

From their announcement:

Moderators from Bakunin (Combi Rifle, Combi Rifle+Marker) 13,00 €
Moderators (Combi Rifle, Combi Rifle + Marker). This Nomad light infantry troopers, dressed up with a strong manga style, are the core of the Jurisdictional Command of Bakunin where they can take profit of the Infinity Fireteams: Link Troops rule. Moreover, the Marker weapon option, which can increase the Hackers’ area of effect, becomes this release in a “must have” for any Nomad player.

Kempeitai (Combi Rifle) 7,50 €
Kempeitai (Combi Rifle). The versatile Combi Rifle is a very interesting weapon option for this second-in-command figure to defend the Zone of Deployment of the Yu Jing forces and the Japanese Sectorial Army, but even more interesting if it is used as Mercenary Impersonator against any Yu Jing army. This sinister and subversive female warrior is ready to fight for the independence of the Japanese people.

Hassassin Bahram (Haqqislam Sectorial Starter Pack) 32,50 €
Hassassin Bahram Sectorial Starter Pack. New release. A new miniature box containing a compilation of previously released figures. The best choice to start the Hassassin Bahram, the first Haqqislamite Sectorial army released. In this box you’ll find 2 Daylami Infantry troopers (one with Rifle + Light Shotgun and the other with a Panzerfaust); 1 Muyib with Rifle + Light Shotgun, the multipurpose soldiers of the Hassassin; 1 Lasiq with Viral Sniper Rifle, a specialized and lethal sharpshooter; 1 Ragik with Rifle + Light Shotgun, the Hassassin airborne troopers; and 1 Fiday, the killer elite of the Hassassin Society. Enlist to the Hassassin to perform the darkest operations in defense of Haqqislam.

Nagas (Sniper) 7,50 €
Nagas (MULTI Sniper). The jungle infiltrators of ALEPH can be fielded too in the Panoceanian Acontecimento Sectorial Army to help the humanity to fight the alien menace of the E.I.’s Combined Army in the Paradiso theater of operations. This gorgeus female sniper has been modelled with all the curves and lethality that a designed biosynthetical body can have.

Devas Functionaries (Combi Rifle) 7,50 €
Devas. (Combi Rifle). The Deva Functionnaries are the backbone of the ALEPH’S humanoid forces. They protect the interest of the one and only legal A.I. of the Human Sphere, but also can be transferred to Panoceanian Neoterra Sectorial Army to act as liaisons, field advisors and, if necessary, a combat support force. Now, all PanOceanian players can get this figure without have to buy the ALEPH Starter Pack.