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February Clan War releases from Valiant

Valiant Miniatures have posted a list of their February releases for the Clan War range. Nezumi Hero - Ratling Bushi From their announcement:
Clan War February Release Now Shipping From Valiant Miniatures
  • VELL5RCB03 Crab Clan - Hida Yakamo
  • VELL5RCB07 Crab Clan - Kuni Witch Hunter
  • VELL5RCB23 Crab Clan - Hida Kisada
  • VELL5RD19 Dragon Clan - Medium Infantry
  • VELL5RL36 Lion Clan - Lion Warcat
  • VELL5RL37 Lion Clan - Lion Warcat
  • VELL5RL38 Lion Clan - Lion Warcat
  • VELL5RL45 Lion Clan - Lioness Legion
  • VELL5RNH03 Nezumi Hero - Ratling Bushi
  • VELL5RNH04 Nezumi Hero - Ratling Bushi
  • VELL5RP32 Phoenix Clan - Void Guard
  • VELL5RP35 Phoenix Clan - Void Guard
  • VELL5RS11 Scorpion Clan - Black Cabal
  • VELL5RU26 Unicorn Clan -  Ashi-Kyu Archer
  • VELL5RUN17 Unaligned - Male Courtier
  • VELL5RUN31 Unaligned - Light Infantry
  • VELL5RUN204 Unaligned - Air Dragon (Resin)
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