FCC Businessman concept art

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Aug 2nd, 2011

FCC BusinessmanThe MERCS Miniatures forum has the concept art for the FCC Businessman.

From their website:

Some of you may recall an art contest we did a while ago. Even though the details were lost when the forums were revamped, and many moons since have passed, we have not forgotten.

The contest was to create your own concept and original artwork for a new MERCS FCC character. MERC-Khan (formerly Angus) was the contest winner with his FCC Businessman concept. The businessman is an estranged Megacon employee who is armed with an AK 47 and a molotov cocktail. We thought it was a clever idea, liked his cruncky weapons and suit, and thought would make for a fun looking mini.

  • Love it! Especially the tie headband. Although the head swap just doesn’t look right. The beard, ball cap, & goofy facial expression doesn’t really fit in with a shredded business suit and chucking molotovs.

  • Veritas

    That’s awesome. I will definitely be buying that!

  • Brant

    Haha, the funny thing is I think the main head is designed after MERC – Khan ad the alternate is designed after MERC – Maple. (I roomed with Khan last Gencon and met Maple, both great guys)

  • Magno

    I don’t like the alternate head swap. Looks too Jethro for the business man. Cool concept though.

  • Verminous Fang

    That is just cool. But if you want the alternate head, you should change the torso to an AC/DC T-Shirt.

    • TomasT

      Or a John Deere…

  • Why is he throwing a smiling severed head?

  • What I love about it is the fact, he’s not just got a shredded business suit, but got his tie wrapped round his head, and it looks like he’s throwing a molotov cocktail, that’s specifically using a wine bottle.
    the little touches that make a piece.