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FatMan Productions Launches Awakening Recon Indiegogo Campaign

Your galaxy is just going along, not doing anybody any harm, just minding its own business. Sure, not everyone is living in harmony, but it's nothing really huge going on, as far as a whole galaxy might be concerned. But then some out-of-towner has to come in and cause a ruckus. Such is the case in Awakening Recon, a new sci-fi miniatures game from FatMan Productions. The Ipse are attacking and it's up to the denizens of the galaxy to send them packing. Though don't expect everyone to get along suddenly. But waddyagonnado?

The game is a sci-fi miniatures game. The miniatures are 44mm in scale. They have posted up the the rules for the game, so you can check them out over on the Indiegogo page. It's a skirmish-level, since you use point costs of 10, 15, or 20. There are currently 4 factions that you can pick from. They are the Ipse (visitors from another galaxy who aren't so nice to the neighbors), The Consortium (a group of megacorporations), the amphibious Dagonians, or the robotic hermits the Alphas.

The campaign is up now and is set to run for another month.