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Father Tilly update

AB One Games have posted an update about their Father Tilly rules. From their announcement:
The latest release for Father Tilly will be available early next month. This is a Campaign supplement that allows players to fight a series of connected scenarios within their chosen phase of the Thirty Years War. These new rules will show the effects of campaigning on the players armies and the rewards for the victorious and the penalties for the defeated. The rules also introduce some of the wider strategic events that occurred in Europe at the time and how these impacted on the combatants. For instance, the granting by the Pope of massive subsidies to the emperor Ferdinand II, harvest failures in Germany, the Dutch capture of the Spanish treasure fleet, the Peace of Monzon, the Sack of Magdeburg, the death of Gustavus and the civil wars in Britain. Depending on which phase of the Thirty Years War players choose, each turn they will be faced with one of these strategic events and will find that their army either benefits or suffers from its implications.
Also included are a number of familiar campaign elements such as ways of improving the profiles of generals and units as they benefit from their successes on the battlefield (and of course a way of penalising the unsuccessful). Players can also employ a number of “campaign assets” between battles such as forced peasant labour, hostages, control of imports, scorched-earth tactics or a number of other useful methods of undermining the opponent. Players will be able to use these rules to run campaigns with either the big-battle Father Tilly rules or the Escalade skirmish rules. This supplement will be available from the following websites in February: Players may also be interested in checking-out the Father Tilly yahoo group for more information and discussions about the rules.