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Fated Minions Of The Source Sourcebook Now Available

Have you ever felt that there must be something more to life? Like there was something more meant for you? That you were part god? Well, that's the world of Part-Time Gods. Do you still flip burgers or sweep floors when you've got a bit of divine power inside of you? That's up to you. The game has been brought into the Fate system as well. Plus, along with that, to help expand your adventure, they have a new sourcebook out called Fated Minions of the Source.

This new book gives you details about The Source, an elusive entity that has numerous Outsiders that it uses to get things done. There's over 40 of these Outsiders detailed in the book, as well as new Relics (such as fun things like Manticores, Black-Eyed Children, and Sphinx). To go with that, there's three new Theologies, plus an adventure to help bring those elements easily into your game.

The book is available now.