Fate Remedy Card Game Up On Indiegogo

The life of a pet owner is one filled with surprises. What’ve they gotten into now? What cute thing are they doing? Did they accidentally escape the yard? How will they respond to company coming over? Fate Remedy takes all those twists and turns and make it fit on your tabletop as a new card game. The campaign is up on Indiegogo now.

About the game:

What happens if it is a card night and you don’t have any luck with cards? A new, fresh, challenging and super fun card game based on pet life events and eternal fight between fate and free will. A card game which enables you to win even if you aren’t lucky and you always get bad cards in your starting hand. Sounds familiar? Probably not but Jože Petkovšek did just that.
Each card in the Fate Remedy (pet life edition) card deck represents a different pet life event. Bed events bring negative points and good events bring positive points. A player who wants to win the game has to avoid bad events and hunt good events. If you can make your pet happy, you are on the right path. Avoid fleas, bark in to the moon, eat moderately, do not get run over, twist your master around your finger, take pleasure in your hunting drive, etc. And if your cards are not good – punish your competitors with worst possible events.
The rules of the game give preference to skills and brains before luck. So a player can be punished with bad cards but he still can win this game or he can get the most desired cards and he will end up losing the game. With free print-make and play Fate Remedy download edition you don’t have to buy a pig in a poke as you can test the game with your friends.
The Fate Remedy card game campaign is already successful. At this moment It has more than 80 backer and it is 230% funded.
Fate Remedy card game is due for release this July.

The campaign has more than doubled its funding goal with still a month left on the clock.