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Fate Amenable To Change Box Sets Now Available - With a Sale

Fate Amenable To Change now has their fleet boxes available for sale (and on sale, too). Go check 'em out.

From the release:

Fate Amenable To Change (FATC) Hiigaran Spaceship box sets now available in-store, priced from £45.50 GBP to £116.20 GBP at RRP.

However, sales prices run from £28.00 GBP-£75.00 GBP whilst current stock lasts, so get in quickly!!!

These are excellent models produced to a very high standard, and well worth the money… the largest box-set having 28 ships and 144 turrets, plus including flight-stands for all ships.

Sizes range from 122mm down to 35mm for the smallest ships.