Fat Spider Releases New 25/28mm Scale Terrain

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Nov 23rd, 2011

Fat Spider Releases New 25/28mm Scale Terrain:

From their announcement:

Fat Spider are pleased to announce the release of the first in a range of 25/28mm scale buildings for Wild West fans.

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  • TomasT

    Do we have to spell sheriff like they did? 🙂

  • supervike

    Isn’t Sheriff spelled wrong on that sign?

  • Well spotted guys, we’ll send the lynching party round to the printers in the morning, even I hadn’t noticed it and I stuck it on and took the photo (where’s the red face smiley when you need one)

  • Lynching party has been cancelled, I’ve managed to sort out the website pics, its amazing what you can do with image editing software, click on the pic above and it will take you to one with the correct spelling!

    • TomasT

      Thanks for your compliance.

      Calling off angry nazi-spelling-bee-lynch mob now.


      JK, like the model!

      • To be honest we are very glad someone spotted this, the model was packed away after its photo-shoot ready for a games show in a couple of weeks, now at least we have the chance to stick on a correct spelling.