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Fat Dragon releases LOST REICH game

Fat Dragon has released their alternate-history 15mm wargame LOST REICH:

From their website:

LOST REICH is a downloadable PDF game set in an alternate history, where the Germans fled to Antarctica at the end of WWII and secretly began rebuilding their armies, patiently waiting for the day their Reich would rise again. Taking place in the near future, armies of Allied and Axis walking mechs battle for territory and resources across the world. This starter set includes two complete 15mm mech armies (average mech height is slightly under to 4?), Allied and Axis, plus 3D terrain, 2D tiles, all necessary game accessories (except 6- sided dice) and a color rulebook. With a downloadable PDF game, once you purchase the initial product, you will have an unlimited supply of gaming miniatures and terrain, and all are customizable with either camouflage options or tactical marking variations to allow you the flexibility to create unique game pieces.