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Fast & Furious: Full Throttle Races To Kickstarter

Game Salute has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Fast & Furious: Full Throttle. Designed by Jeff and Carla Horger (Thunder Alley), this licensed game promises to deliver the high-speed excitement of the successful The Fast and The Furious film franchise to your tabletop. In the game, racers will choose a car, a favorite driver (such as Dom, Brian, Han, and the rest of the crew), and their racing path before pulling up to the starting line. When the flag drops, players race to the finish line using a card-based mechanic that lets you play it safe through smart hand management or risk it all on the reveal of a card.

Fast & Furious: Full Throttle comes with a double-sided game board offering two different street courses. In the mood for a long, race? It's there. Maybe you're looking to live a quarter mile at a time? You've got that option too. To increase the replay value, players decide where the start and finish lines are before each race using the included Star and Finish cards. The chosen course also dictates the number of upgrades available to players before the race begins. Upgrades can be spent on your car to supe up its steering, nitrous, engine, tires, and more. Drivers further modify the race experience as each one comes with their own special bonuses.

Game Salute is using this campaign as a preordering tool to get an idea of how big the first run of the game should be, so it is only set to run until May 14. I was sold on the idea as soon as I saw Fast & Furious in the title, but if you want to read the rule book first, Game Salute made it available over on the campaign. Fast & Furious: Full Throttle is estimated to ship in December, so look for a review around then.