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Farnborough Wargames Society Farnborough Shot Tournament

Farnborough Wargames Society is pleased to announce the Farnborough Shot 2012, a one-day, 25mm, Field of Glory - Renaissance competition:

From their announcement:

To be held on Sunday 11th March at Elles Hall Community, off Meudon Avenue, Farnborough, Hants.
The competition will consist of four rounds. Armies must not exceed 500 points. Tables will be 6’x5’ and games will use 40mm movement units (exception terrain selection which will use 1” units). Games will last 1 hour 45 minutes.
First round draw will be based upon date of army. Subsequent rounds based upon the swiss-chess method. There will be a separate prize for pre-1600 AD armies. Entry is £10. Entries and army lists will be accepted on a first come basis, to be received by 1st March 2012 and sent to Richard Jeffrey-Cook, Mabar, Blackheath Lane, Wonersh, GUILDFORD, GU5 0PN.
For more details e-mail: