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Fantization offer free pre-release Spectrum Miniatures figure

Spectrum Miniatures Ka-Chunk II, Leveled Up - Male DwarfFantization Miniatures are the exclusive retailers of the Spectrum Miniatures line and are celebrating with exclusive free pre-release figures. From their announcement:
Spectrum Miniatures is a new exclusive line of miniatures available only at Fantization Miniatures.  The Spectrum Miniatures line will offer a range of pretty much any type of miniature genera from fantasy to sci-fi, horror, and more.  Currently the initial line/game is in development and it's called "DungeonLand" which will consist of an old world fantasy look and feel.  There is also a a modern horror line/game called "HeeBee-GeeBees" that's in development too.   This is a large project and will be in the works for at least a year prior to the initial launching of any of the lines.  However while it's in development we'll be offering limited castings of some of the miniatures that we're working on for free... well sort of. How do you get the free exclusive pre-release Spectrum Miniature minis? While supplies last you can get (x1) of the current pre-release exclusive miniature for free by ordering a $100 or more worth of regular priced products and adding the current pre-release Spectrum Miniature to your shopping cart.  For every $100 ordered you may add (x1) free exclusive miniature.  So if you are order $200 or more of products you may get (x2) free exclusive miniatures.  Each pre-release miniature will be limited to (x50) castings and once those are gone the mini will not be available again until the general release a year or so from now.  We may increase this to (x100) castings on this first release to ensure some customers don't miss out, but we will start it at (x50) pre-release castings for now.