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Fantasy8s Bestiary II Now Available from Aegis Studios

Aegis Studios gives you dungeon masters what you all crave: more monsters. Their Bestiary II for their Fantasy8s game is now available. Granted, since the Crazy 8s system is pretty universal, you could theoretically use these creatures in any game or setting you're playing using those rules. Just put "space" or "internet" in front of the name and you've got "space dragons" and "internet trolls" (ok, so those may already exist in a different form) for your other games.


From the release:

Fantasy8s is a fantasy setting for use with the Crazy 8s Rules-Lite Universal Game Engine. This sourcebook is intended to provide setting material and supplemental rules to allow Talespinners to craft stories in a mythic, epic fantasy world.

As the Crazy 8s Rules-Lite Universal Game Engine is designed to be a rules-lite RPG experience that can be easily learned, Fantasy8s seeks to introduce useful material to craft fantasy stories without bogging the game down with numerous, complicated rules.

Fantasy8s Bestiary II is designed for use with and requires the use of the Crazy 8s Rules-Lite Universal Game Engine. The rules contained herein expand upon the rules in the core game engine.

Fantasy8s Bestiary II introduces six new creatures for use with the Crazy 8s System and the Fantasy8s expansion.

Fantasy8s Bestiary II also includes a new playable race: Gnomes, as well as a new NPC, ready to be dropped right into your existing campaign