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Fantasy Writing Contest Announced from Brink of Battle

Brink of Battle is running a new Fantasy Writing Contest. Will your prose be the one that wins the rose?
You can tell from that little sample that mine won't be.

From the contest:

I am pleased to officially announce the Strategic Elite Epic Heroes Writing Contest!

As work continues on Epic Heroes: Skirmish Gaming in the Realms of Fantasy for our Brink of Battle skirmish game, we thought we'd give people the opportunity to get their writing published in a rule set!

Starting today and going through the end of May, you can submit a piece of fiction in the categories listed and have a chance at getting published in the final Epic Heroes game supplement due out in June 2013.

Whether you have been published before or not, now is a great opportunity to be part of the most robust fantasy skirmish game system in years.

Just go to our website and click on the Writing Contest tab at the top left of the page. It will tell you all you need to know about the rules and parameters of the contest!

Epic Heros will allow players to create their own worlds and settings, or use one of two 'plug & play' game settings. It will also give you the ability to add Magic & Monsters to various Historical periods to create Weird West, Weird War 2, and Gothic Horror games. This full color publication will be the first supplement released for the Brink of Battle system.

We look forward to reading your entries, so get started today!

Noch Weiter!