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Fantasy Warriors 3rd Edition on Indiegogo

Fantasy Warriors is looking to fund the 3rd edition of their game over on Indiegogo. So gogo and take a look.

From the campaign:

Fantasy Warriors, the fantasy miniature wargame, is finally going to be back on your tables!

The Indiegogo campaign should hopefully create the possibility to bring to you the new edition of this famous system, devised in the 1990 by Nick Lund and originally published by the famous Grenadier Miniatures firm.

This new edition updates pratically every aspect of the game, from rules to army lists, and creates a real world to stage your battles on.

The new edition is published by Mirliton, founded in 1983 by Stefano Grazzini.
The activity began with a series of Napoleonic ranges and finally covered pratically every age of the bellic history.

Mirliton is known worldwide among the players of wargames, collectors and enthusiasts of military history.
He now has a very large catalog of miniatures, accessories, books on military history and everything that can serve the passionate collector as the veteran player alike.

This year, recurring the 30th anniversary of its foundation, Mirliton wants to celebrate with a new edition of this prestigious wargame, an edition supervised and driven by the veteran player an Fantasy Warriors fan Massimo Brigandì.