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Fantasy Wargames eBay store now open

Fantasy Wargames is a newly reopened eBay store specializing in out-of-print miniatures. From their announcement: is my relaunched miniatures shop. Although I have been dabbling in selling for a long while, I am relaunching my shop with hundreds of quality second hand miniatures. I mainly deal with second hand Warhammer Fantasy and 40K but you can often find some historical miniatures in there too. Currently I have loads of Marauder and Citadel/Warhammer minis from the last 25 years in stock with lots more to come. I ship worldwide - USA, Canada, Australia, Poland, Germany, France, Finland, Malaysia, Afghanistan... you name it I have shipped there. I aim to post within three business days but very often its next day. To be the first to hear about new figures you can join my newsletter by sending an email to You will be emailed back immediately and just follow the instructions. You do NOT have to be a Yahoo member to subscribe to the newsletter. Joining the newsletter will give you the heads up on the new items I have for sale and I also plan to release some of my more unusual items for sale to members before the items go on Ebay. I look forward to serving you. Kerry