Fantasy Naval and Pirate Skirmish PDF’s released

Wessex Games have released PDFs of their Fantasy Naval and Pirate Skirmish rules.

From their announcement:

We have decided to release the back catalogue of our paper wargames rules as “vanilla” PDF’s to make them available as downloads as quickly as possible.

Ideally we wanted to re-typeset and re-format rules many of our older rules including colour photographs of games etc but real world work pressures and family commitments are limiting the time available to do this.

Consequently we have decided to adopt a two-step process to our PDF’s, uploading the vanilla (illustration free, black and white) printer friendly PDF’s first and then adding the colour PDF’s (plus alternative e-formats such as azw and epub) in due course. The additional files will be added to the product the customer buys from Wargame Vault and will cost them no more to receive when available. This way you can get playing, while we can take our time with the pretty colour versions…

First sets to receive this approach are our two fantasy black powder games Strange Tydes and Strange Grogge.

Strange Tydes is our fantasy age of sail naval game with orcs and dark elves using C18th and C19th historical equivalent ships as only they could. Pit the wooden walled men o’war against the erractic ironclads of the Dwarven principalities. Encounter sea monsters and face strange magick on the oceans of The Land. Play the only game we know of where you can kill the opposing vessel’s ship’s parrot..

Winner of the 2005 SFSFW award for best new fantasy miniatures, Strange Grogge is our fantasy pirate skirmish and role-playing game for use with 28mm miniatures (so if you ever fancied being the famous dwarf pirate Little Jack Shortbeard now is you chance). In the game the player creates and takes control of either a band of pirates or government troops and fights out any of the frequent skirmishes that take place in the towns, jungles, lagoons and islands that make up the Barbarous Coaste. The rules also include four different magic types including magical sea-shanties and magic scrimshaw.
Both sets are available from Wargame Vault for £5.00 each but as an introductory offer we have bundled the two together for a bargain £7.50…