Fantasy Modeling #3 reprint posted

Issue 3 coverRoebeast’s Magical House of Sunshine now as a PDF based reprint of Fantasy Modeling magazine issue 3.

From their announcement:
I just posted another great issue of Fantasy Modeling Magazine featuring Tom Loback, Dave Cockrum, and tons of other science fiction and fantasy modeling goodness.


Contents for Issue #3:
• Contents:
• Editorial
• Plastic’s Modeler Dave Cockrum
• The Atlanta Military Miniature Exhibit
• The Return of The Backyard Spaceship
• Conan Reconsidered
• An Interview with Tom Loback
• Role Playing in a Future “Universe”
• From The Natural to The Supernatural
• Scratchbuilding Spaceship Miniatures for Film
• Fleets
• Collectables
• What Kit is That?
• Outerspace Odds and Ends
• Adventure Gaming
• Book Reviews