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Fantasy Gaming Coins Kickstarter Relaunches

Never Stop Tops & Coins got their Fantasy Gaming Coins Kickstarter back underway. With 14 styles and 3 sizes, there's a coin set to match whatever you're looking to do with your RPGs or token needs. They're already halfway to their goal, so check them out.


From the campaign:

Grow or start your collection of fantasy coins with these high quality and weighty pieces. Complement any role-playing game or accessorize any fantasy character. Enhance your backstory and establish a unique currency exclusive to your land and game.

Designs were inspired from themes of ancient cultures, mystical elements and lore. 42 beautifully designed 3-dimensional coins comprise fourteen collections, and perfectly bring any character to life. Plated in antique gold, silver and copper finishes, the coins feature unique designs on the front and back, and the coins’ edges are raised for easy stacking. Quality

The superior quality of this series is due to the material, coin thickness and incredible detail. The zinc alloy allows for a weightier feel. Antiquing

This collection of coins has undergone an intricate antiquing process to add to the old-world feel. The antiquing powder adhered to the sandblasted surfaces and the grooves of the designs – providing contrast and accentuating the depth of the 3D elements.