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Fantasy Football Ogres, Halflings, and Female Norse Teams Up On Kickstarter

Impact! Miniatures is no stranger when it comes to Kickstarter campaigns. In fact, they're currently working on their 40th. In this case, it's for a trio of new fantasy football teams. There's the Ogres, the Halflings, and a female Norse team all going right now.

About the campaign:

Impact! has returned with their 40th KickStarter campaign to bring to production three full 16+ player 32mm scale fantasy football teams. The Heresy Ogre team, the Legio Roman Halflings and a female Norse team. The project has funded and is close to unlock free dice for the backers as well as a 4th team of Ratmen.

The KickStarter is also offering a special promotion to get the past 32mm fantasy football teams from Impact! or Rolljordan at only $38 a team or less if 2 or more teams are selected which is a big savings off the normal retail price for those teams. (Teams include Chaotic Dwarf, Undead, Wood Elf, Frog and High/Dark Elf).

Project ends Thursday night, July 5th.

The campaign's over its funding goal, but as you see above, there's not a lot of time left to get in on the action.