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Fantasy Flight Shows X-Wing Updates

The Force Awakens starters for the X-Wing Miniatures Game have been making their rounds. A lot of players have picked them up and played with the new ships. But, one thing a lot of players might not have realized is that it's not just new ships and upgrades in the set. They might've heard a bit about an upgraded damage deck, but did you know that the general rules for the game have also been updated?

Yeah, some of the fundamentals of the game have been changed out. Let's face it, no game hits the shelves perfect, even if they've been playtested extensively. No matter how long that process is, a couple dozen people playing the game for several months to a year or two is no substitute for thousands and thousands of players playing a game for several years. As such, things that weren't issues in playtest, or didn't seem like they were really all that much of a problem sometimes turn out to be. Add in multiple expansions and sometimes the rules need to be taken back and reexamined. That's what Fantasy Flight has done and they've posted up a bit about those changes, so even if you haven't gotten the new rulebook, you can see what has been changed.