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Fantasy Flight Releases XCOM Board Game

Fantasy Flight Games tells you to watch the skies, their new XCOM board game is now available. Players must attempt to thwart an alien invasion, played by an application on your smart phone, tablet, or online, in order to protect the world. But it's not just the aliens you have to worry about. Panic caused by their attacks has the civilian populations uneasy. You must balance between focus on the skies and focus on those around you.
And I know it's not the same franchise at all, but when I think alien invasions, I think, " *punch alien in the face* Welcome to 'erf!"


From the announcement:

In XCOM: The Board Game, you and up to three friends assume the roles of the leaders of the elite, international organization known as XCOM. It is your job to defend humanity, quell the rising panic, and turn back the escalating alien invasion coordinated by the game’s innovative, free digital companion app.

Where the world’s militaries have failed to stand against the alien invaders, you must succeed. To do so, you must make strategic use of the resources available to you. You must launch Interceptors to shoot down alien UFOs, assign soldiers to key missions, research alien technology, and use that technology to defend your base, all while you try to keep the world from collapsing just long enough that you can coordinate one final mission to repel the invaders for good.

Destroy UFOs. Research alien technology. Defend your base. Uncover the alien invasion plan. Should you fail, humanity is doomed.

1 Game board
12 XCOM soldiers
8 Interceptors
24 UFOs
5 Custom dice
More than 200 cards and tokens

Note: Requires the use of a free digital companion app which will be made available for download or access as an online tool.