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Fantasy Flight Previews Unlimited Power Book for Star Wars RPG

Lots of sci-fi series have space ships. Many have futuristic weaponry of some kind. Lots have aliens. But what sets the Star Wars universe apart from most is the Force. That mystical power that Jedi and Sith can tap into is a great tool for both good and evil, depending on which side of it you're on. The upcoming Unlimited Power book for the Star Wars RPG delves deep into the Force and gives players many more options for doing things with it.

From the post:

The Star Wars™ galaxy departed the realm of typical science fiction with just a few words from Uncle Owen, snowballing into a space opera of mysterious powers and ancient religions that has enthralled generations. Unlimited Power, a new sourcebook for the Star Wars: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game, expands the opportunities for Mystic characters in your campaigns with three new specializations, three new species, new gear and vehicles, and adventure ideas to give any campaign a greater focus on the otherworldly.

Few characters in Force and Destiny can encompass the captivating sense of mysticism and intrigue better than the Mystic. As a true ally to the Force, the Mystic has the opportunity to become that reclusive wizard—or that crazy old man—in their campaign. A true Mystic seeks to be a partner to the Force, channeling it through them, using it as much as it uses them. More than just a source of power, the Mystic is able to commune with the Force to determine his or her particular role in the galaxy.