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Fantasy Flight Previews TIE Striker For X-Wing

With new movies entering the Star Wars lexicon comes new ships to add to your squadron for X-Wing from Fantasy Flight Games. One such new fighter is the TIE Striker, seen in the upcoming Rogue One movie. You'll actually be able to add this one to your collection before you see it on the silver screen. And you can get a preview of it now on your not-so-silver screen on your computer/phone/tablet.

The TIE Striker isn't very fast, but it can get into and out of just about any spot on the board you want it. It can go basically anywhere in the 1-2 range spectrum. Add in Adaptive Ailerons (how those work in deep space I'll never know, but waddyagonnado?) and you've got even more speed and maneuverability. Your opponents will have a hard time staying on your tail as you twist and turn all over.

You can pre-order yours now.