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Fantasy Flight Previews the U-Wing For X-Wing

There's a lot of ships in the Star Wars universe with movable parts. X-Wings and B-Wings first come to mind, but there are many others. Until now, all the figures for the X-Wing Miniatures Game didn't have movable parts. Well, with the release of the U-Wing (I'm going to name mine Patrick), that will change. And it's not just aesthetics. There are different rules for when the wings are out for maneuvering or folded for landing.

This new wave of ships certainly gives us some new flight options. The Quadjumper can go backwards. The U-Wing can stop. Like the position your ship is in? Don't really want it to go anywhere? Now you have the chance to do something about that. And being a transport, there's plenty of crew upgrades and other such that you can use to both enhance the U-Wing and those other ships in your squadron.