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Fantasy Flight Previews the TIE Fighter For X-Wing

Besides the Star Destroyer, the most iconic ship in the entire Imperial fleet has got to be the standard TIE fighter, or TIE/ln for you that prefer such nomenclature. The "eyeball" was the main ship used by Imperial fighter pilots. Fast, maneuverable, and easy to build, what they lacked in shields, they made up for in being able to swarm the enemy. With the new edition of X-Wing coming out from Fantasy Flight, it's time to take a look at how this ship will be changing.

From the post:

Perhaps the greatest advantage the Galactic Empire holds over the Rebellion is superior numbers. Alliance starfighters may outclass their Imperial counterparts in terms of sheer firepower, but the Empire has the means to overwhelm their foes with swarms of swift starfighters. This is most evident with the TIE/ln fighter. Lacking the shields and heavy armament of their Rebel counterparts, TIE fighters often fly in large groups and rely on their superior maneuverability to crush enemy squadrons.

You can form your own attack group of TIE fighters the moment X-Wing™ Second Edition launches with the TIE/ln Fighter Expansion Pack. Within this expansion, you’ll find a fully-assembled, beautifully painted TIE/ln fighter miniature, identical to the miniatures included in the X-Wing Second Edition Core Set. This miniature is accompanied by ten ship cards featuring unique pilots, four upgrade cards, a maneuver dial, and all the tokens you need to add one of these swift starfighters to your squadron.

Veteran X-Wing players can bring their first edition TIE/ln fighters into X-Wing Second Edition with the ship tokens, cards, and maneuver dials included in the Galactic Empire Conversion Kit, available at launch on September 13, 2018. All of the ship and upgrade cards found in the TIE/ln Fighter Expansion Pack will also be present in this kit. On the other hand, if you're a new player, you can build your collection of X-Wing Second Edition ships with the six ship expansions launching alongside the TIE/ln Fighter Expansion Pack and the Core Set!