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Fantasy Flight Previews the Slave I Set for X-Wing

Fan-favorite Boba Fett is going to be making his way back into X-Wing for the new edition in the Slave I set. But what's changed from the original version? In this preview, get a look at the new components and check for yourself.
Just remember, no disintegrations.

From the post:

Whenever there is a sizeable bounty to be collected anywhere across the galaxy, Boba Fett will assuredly be on the hunt in his signature ship, Slave I. A heavily modified Firespray-class patrol craft, the ship belonging to the most infamous bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy is sure to strike fear in anyone with a price on their head. Later this year, you’ll have the chance to add this notorious craft to your Scum and Villainy squadrons from the beginning of X-Wing™ Second Edition with the Slave I Expansion Pack.

In the Slave I Expansion Pack, you’ll find a fully assembled and pre-painted Firespray-class patrol craft miniature, as well as all the components you need to seamlessly incorporate one of these highly customizable ships into your Scum squadron, including six unique pilots and twelve upgrade cards to outfit your ships as you see fit.

Veteran players can bring their existing Firespray-class patrol craft and other Scum ships from the first edition into X-Wing Second Edition with the tokens, cards, and maneuver dials found in the Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit! This kit will be available when the game launches on September 13th, 2018, and all of the ship and upgrade cards found in the Slave I Expansion Pack will also be contained in this kit. New players, on the other hand, can expand their ship collection with the six other ship expansions launching alongside the Slave I Expansion Pack and the Core Set!