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Fantasy Flight Previews the Orks for Forbidden Stars

I'm an Ork player. I absolutely love them. Back when I played 40k, they were my faction. Sure, I had a few Marine chapters here and there, and my original faction was Tyranids, but my real army of choice was Orks. I still have them, actually, though they've not seen any table-time in a few years. So, if and when I get a chance to play Forbidden Stars by Fantasy Flight Games, you know they'll be the faction I choose. Today we get a look at what they'll be like in that game.

Orks are known for just barreling ahead with as many guns, boyz, and trukks as possible. The thing with Orks is that even though their gear is technically crap, it seems to almost always work. That's because of the latent psychic powers Orks have. If they think something should work, it will work. As such, it can be really hard to actually make something stop working. This makes Ork vehicles and Gargants incredibly tough, being even stronger than even the best the Space Marines can field. This even extends up to the stars, where the Kill Kroozers will gladly face head-on any enemy ship they come across.

There's also an unexpected bit of cunning in Ork strategy. Where other commanders would never dream of making certain assaults or taking to the battlefield, Orks will simply grab a slugga and choppa and go screaming into the field. No, it doesn't always work (sometimes a bad decision is just a bad decision), but when it does, it suddenly makes the Orks seem devastatingly brilliant and unpredictable.