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Fantasy Flight Previews the Aymhelin Scions For Runewars

Each faction in Runewars has their various troop units and characters, but they've also got that one "big" unit that stalks around the board, being rather intimidating and taking out enemies. For the upcoming Latari Elves faction, those are the Aymhelin Scions, of which we get a preview here.

From the preview:

In war, Aymhelin Scions march alongside their Latari allies to protect their home. Their roots can feel the shifting of earth and stone, granting them an almost preternatural awareness of enemy movements. Cutting through enemy lines with their powerful limbs and withstanding blow after blow with their tough natural armor, these beings are powerful allies to the Elves as much as they are terrible foes to all others. As long as the Latari offer their songs in gratitude, the Aymhelin itself will move in alliance with the Elves. With the very might of nature as an ally, no foe can withstand the power of the Latari, who will stop at nothing to protect their sacred forest from destruction.

Today we’re previewing the Aymhelin Scion unit in the Latari Elves Army Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game!

These lumbering Scions defend their home with fierce loyalty and when called upon decimate the foes of the Latari Elves with their unparalleled strength. The Latari Elves Army Expansion features one Aymhelin Scion figure that can be fielded for fourteen points!