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Fantasy Flight Previews Squadron Building in X-Wing 2.0

With all the different ships, upgrades, weapons, skills, and other items in X-Wing, there's seemingly infinite different ways to build your squadron of fighters. But with a new edition comes new options. In this preview of the new edition of the game, Fantasy Flight looks at squadron building and how things have changed, or stayed the same, as they update the game system.

From the post:

With X-Wing™ Second Edition, you can play out a new era of space battles in the Star Wars galaxy right on your tabletop. You might join up with the Rebel Alliance, locking the s-foils of your T-65 X-wing into attack position as you begin your assault. Or you could send a swarm of Imperial TIE fighters screaming into battle. Finally, if the squabbles of the Galactic Civil War mean little to you, you can always throw in your lot with the galaxy’s most notorious Scum and Villainy.

These factions bring their own ships and strategies to each battle, giving you the chance to take control of some of the most iconic starfighters in the galaxy. But X-Wing Second Edition is about more than just individual ships and pilots. The game also invites you to forge an entire squadron, outfitting your ships with anything from torpedoes to astromech droids.

Thus far, we’ve taken a look at the refined movement of the second edition, explored the changes to actions, and gotten a glimpse at combat. These are all integral aspects of gameplay, but they also vary greatly depending on the ships you choose to fly and the upgrade cards you choose to equip.

For veteran players, you can expand your squad building possibilities at launch with the wealth of upgrade cards included in each of the three Conversion Kits for the game! On the other hand, if you're new to the game, the six X-Wing Second Edition ship expansions releasing with the Core Set also contain upgrade cards that can be used to enhance your ships. Today, we begin discussing bringing your squadron together with a closer look at upgrade cards and Quick Build cards!