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Fantasy Flight Previews Snowtrooper Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

The Empire is filled with all manner of worlds, each one with their own, unique environments and ecosystems. On planets like Hoth, the temperatures can reach extreme levels of cold, meaning anyone living, working, or fighting there needs to bundle up for warmth. The Ice Troopers are ready to head there and make sure the Empire's laws are being enforced, and making sure there's no Rebels around. In this Star Wars: Legion preview, we get a look at the upcoming Snowtrooper expansion pack.

From the post:

The reach of the Empire is vast. There is no distance great enough—or planet remote enough—to prevent the Empire from rooting out those who would challenge its ultimate authority in the galaxy. When these Rebels are found on planets with adverse conditions, the snowtroopers stand ready to impose the Emperor’s will. Soon, you’ll be able to add squads of Snowtroopers to your Imperial armies in Star Wars™: Legion with the Snowtroopers Unit Expansion!

Inside the Snowtroopers Unit Expansion, you’ll find seven unpainted, easily assembled miniatures, along with the cards and tokens that you need to add a squad of Snowtroopers to your army. With their own set of heavy weapons and potential upgrades, the Snowtroopers make another terrifying addition to your Imperial army, and today, we'll take a closer look at exactly what you'll find inside this expansion!