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Fantasy Flight Previews Sleeper Agent Specialization for Star Wars RPG

I wish I could be a sleeper agent. Just nap all day, snuggling up with your teddyrancor, under your X-Wing sheets. *gets handed a note* Oh... that's not what a sleeper agent does at all. Apparently they're deep-cover operatives that infiltrate a location and basically live a double-life, waiting for the signal from their command to go into action. Ok, then. I guess I should read through this preview of the Sleeper Agent Specialization in the upcoming Cyphers and Masks sourcebook for the Star Wars RPG that Fantasy Flight has posted.

From the post:

The average sentient does not take readily to the lifestyle of a Spy. Continuous duplicity, even for a good cause, requires a preternatural attention to detail and an iron will to withstand scrutiny and maintain your cover. Being adept at telling a convincing lie is certainly a valuable skill, but the ability to live a lie, to be a lie, asks for more. Cyphers and Masks, the Spy sourcebook for Star Wars™: Age of Rebellion introduces the Sleeper Agent specialization to the Spy career, a talent tree for those characters who wish to truly discover the inner workings of the enemy.