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Fantasy Flight Previews Red Cards From Legacies Expansion for Star Wars: Destiny

The red cards in Star Wars: Destiny represent those characters, abilities, and equipment that's all about warfare. They're the professional soldiers, vehicles, and weapons that are on the lines when it comes to blasters blazing. The Legacies expansion will bring players new red card options for their decks, from new characters to new things to equip them with. Fantasy Flight's posted up a preview of some of the cards and their companion dice for you to check out.

From the post:

Few carry more weight on their shoulders than those fighting on the front lines of the galaxy. The legacy of soldiers and commanders has widespread effects throughout the galaxy, a single command can influence the course of a war, and a soldier’s actions can echo throughout the galaxy, changing the shape of things to come.

These soldiers use advanced tactics to defeat any who stand in their way, and today, we’ll show you some of those tactics by previewing the Red Heroes and Villains of Star Wars™: Destiny Legacies, available for pre-order from your local retailer or our website!