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Fantasy Flight Previews Rebel Commandos For Star Wars: Legion

While the Rebellion might've started out as just a rag-tag group of individuals fighting against the Empire, they've become a fighting force that, while they can't match the Imperial's numbers, they can certainly match their skill. The Rebel Commandos are elite troopers, trained in small-squad tactics and able to perform surgical strikes on enemy positions. Check out their rules for Star Wars: Legion.

From the post:

Sometimes a single unit with the right training can accomplish what an entire brigade cannot. As demonstrated on Endor, when a small Rebel strike team managed to bring down the shield generator protecting the second Death Star, these specialized troops can be invaluable to any army.

This is especially true of the Rebel Alliance, who lack the numbers to face down legions of Imperial troops in open battle. For them, a team of operatives working on the fringes of a battle can assist more traditional troops by making use of unorthodox tactics to disrupt Imperial operations.

You’ll soon be able to add these squads of Rebel snipers and saboteurs to your Star Wars™: Legion armies with the Rebel Commandos Unit Expansion. Whether you choose to deploy your operatives as a full unit or break them into smaller teams, the seven unpainted, easily assembled Rebel Commando miniatures in this expansion can be enhanced with five upgrade cards that further enhance their unconventional approach to the battle.

Releasing alongside the Han Solo Commander Expansion in the third quarter of 2018, the Rebel Commandos Unit Expansion is poised to shake your Rebel armies to their core. Read on for a closer look at what you’ll find inside this expansion!